Keep It Weird…

So I figure the best way to let you get to know me better would be through a proper introduction.

So this is me…

Sarah, 35 years old, married for the third time (yeah we can get into all that later), childfree by choice and by chance, and living in Austin, TX with my amazing husband, Adam and our two cats Macie and Lucy.

Your handle says you are a Minimalist, tell us more

Well, I am new to the concept of Minimalism in fact it seems to be all the rage after the documentary Minimalism on Netflix came out awhile back. My husband and I have decided to embrace the lifestyle of living with less and allowing the freed up “space”, if you will, to be invested in being present.


Yes, spending time with loved ones rather than money on materialistic things. As Christ followers, we are firm in believing that we should store our treasures in heaven, and that the physical things we have here on earth cannot go with us when we die.  If I could spend more time with my husband and loved ones, and less on unnecessary things, I’m hopeful that a deeper sense of fulfillment will come from it.

That’s cool, so what is Austin like?

Well, it’s different that’s for sure! I’m from Arizona (by way of Hyderabad, India where I was born and adopted from), and lived in AZ up until 2009.  I moved to TX with one of my best friends and her husband who was stationed at Ft. Hood, and even though they have moved back to AZ I stayed here. TX grew on me, and I’m so glad I decided to call it my home. Austin, seems like a smaller version of Nashville, known for it’s Live Music, SXSW, Matthew McConaughey and of course the UT Longhorns. This city has grown so much in the past few years though and so many Californians have taken over, it’s a little crazy!

My husband and I aren’t your typical Austinites though, we do love to check out new dining experiences, but if it involves getting on I-35, or heading towards downtown, no thanks! We avoid 6th street and any other hipster happenings going on.

I’ve found, as many individuals and couples do, that once I hit my 30s I suddenly became a homebody. I do like to go out, BUT I’d much rather stay at home with Adam and enjoy the quiet. This is another reason being childfree works for us. But we can talk about all that later too!

So that’s just a little bit about me, but follow my blog and you will learn tons more!

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