Those Who Really Can’t…Nanny

I always wanted a younger sibling when I was growing up, I’m not sure why but the nurturing part of me just always wanted someone to take care of.  Don’t get me wrong, being the youngest of five, was pretty great, but there is also a large age gap between myself and the next sibling, so I grew up, in my eyes like an only child.

As I got older, I had plenty of people tell me I should be a teacher, I loved volunteering in the nursery at church, VBS, kids camps, etc. I started babysitting at 12, and loved it, to me it was more than just a job.

I really only ever saw myself growing up, getting married, and enjoying an amazing life, somewhere in Colorado? I don’t know why Colorado, I think I just always loved it there.  But anyway, back to my dreams, I don’t recall saying I wanted to “be a Mom when I grow up”, I did at a young age, aspire to be a concert pianist performing on stage with the Three Tenors, but unfortunately that dream ended upon the death of Luciano Pavarotti. But the thought of teaching always loomed in the back of my head, especially being a Music teacher.  My love for music and the arts, both through observation and my own personal performance, inspired me to pursue Musical Education, and focus on being an Elementary Ed teacher.

Fast forward, I’m 19 years old, and I get offered a chance to teach at a Private School and Preschool in my hometown. This was big, I was at the time taking a full load of courses at the local college and was ready to tackle the classroom.  So I jumped in, both feet first and it was wonderful, until it wasn’t.  Unfortunately, during my time teaching I had lost two grandparents to terminal illness, and had a health scare of my own, pairing that with school and teaching and I was overwhelmed.  I had to come back home, I needed a recharge, I needed family, I needed a fresh start.

I was offered a position before even moving back home, and the next day after I got settled I had an interview, it was great! I was offered the position as a teachers aide, however the lead teacher in that class ended up retiring during her maternity leave, and her class became mine.  I loved it, the class, the children, the staff, the whole experience was great.  Unfortunately, though I was getting at the age that I needed to, as my Mom always says, be “kicked forward”, and move out.  I always joke that they kicked me out, but it was time, and I’m so grateful that they encouraged me to leave the nest and pursue my own independence.

Being independent costs money, and Preschool teaching as rewarding as it was, was not financially fulfilling, and I had to look elsewhere for employment.  So I entered the corporate world, which was exciting.  I started doing temp jobs, which landed me experience in Banking, Home Loans, Insurance, Pharmaceuticals, and more.  I was hired on as a Private Investigator (no, not the catch a cheater kind), but our third party company ran background checks and pre-employment  screenings for companies looking to hire.  This was it! This was where I felt I was happiest, until…the Recession hit and our company did a mass layoff, and I was back to square one.

During this time, I was in the middle of a separation from my first husband, living in an apartment with my best friend, and now unemployed.  This is where my big move to Texas comes into play.  I decided to move to Texas with her and her husband (who would be stationed at Ft. Hood), and go on an adventure. Once we all got settled out here, I had to find work, and in a military town you are competing for jobs with military wives and veterans, and the pay grade is low, but I didn’t want to give up hope that I would find something, I didn’t want to quit, and going back to Arizona would be me admitting failure.

In 2009 I ended up finding a job as a nanny for 3 kids, and loved it.  This was my first nanny position, and it taught me a lot. From there I bounced back and forth between corporate jobs and childcare, and every single time it brought me back to where my heart lies,as a Nanny.  So here I am, ten years and 9 kiddos later, still living life to the fullest, and enjoying the title of Nanny.


I didn’t choose the Nanny life, the Nanny life chose me.



Confessions of a Cat Mom…

You’ve seen it everywhere, that expression, “My kids have paws”, or “My kids have four feet”…well mine do!

Call them furbabies, cat kids, whatever you like but in our home, our children are our cats.

Now I will be honest, I’ve not always been a cat person, in fact I’m allergic, not deathly, but enough to induce watery eyes and make me a candidate for a Clear Eyes commercial.

I grew up with dogs mostly and cats occasionally because most of my family members also have allergies, so that ruled the pet decision in our home. It wasn’t until about eleven years ago, I could actually tolerate being around them, even so much as saying I could see myself having one or two.

Sounds harsh, but here is why the hesitation. Dogs are man’s best friend, loyal, energetic, co-dependent. Cats…well cats are not, in fact my husband always says, “Dogs have owners, Cats have staff”, and it’s funny because it’s true. Give a cat food and water, and they are fine, pet them when they present the Belly, but not too long, or else the claws come out, and give them “scritches” on occasion. I truly believe other than doing all the above, cats would be perfectly content being left alone, at least I feel ours would.

So Sarah, when did you get your cats?

Great question! Our cats were my husband’s prior to our marriage. He’s had both Macie and Lucy, for awhile, and definitely long enough to spoil them!

But as much as I joke around about how theatrical these girls are, I am incredibly grateful for both of them, and also love seeing what a big softie Adam becomes because of them. It’s one of the reasons I fell in love with him.

Here are some photos of our sweet girls Macie or “Mama’s Sweet Baby Girl” (top) and Lucy or as Adam calls her, “Itty Bitty” (bottom).

So tell me, are you more of a cat or dog person?

Childfree by Choice/Chance

So I figure today would be a great day to dive into our decision to remain childfree, and let me say that word again because some people often use the term “childless”, and it’s incorrect.

The reason I’ve decided to jump into this subject today is, I’ve been hearing and reading more and more that many people, women especially find it selfish to not choose motherhood.

To be honest, I’m a little shocked. While I know we live in a society of political correctness and social justice, I assumed we were well past telling women that it’s not okay for her to choose her husband or career over parenting. It is 2019 after all…

My husband and I have numerous reasons why we have chosen not to jump on the parent train and I will list them below, in fact I shared these reasons with a small group of other Stay at Home wives without kids today, and it’s nice to know we aren’t alone.

Our reasons:

1. They are expensive; we like not being broke
2. We are trying to embrace a Minimalist lifestyle and although we could with kids it would be better without.
3. We don’t want to raise kids in today’s society, we just feel like the world we live in, isn’t like when we were kids. Granted every generation feels this way, but we feel very strongly about this.
4. Various health reasons between the two of us.
5. It just hasn’t happened for us, we are in our mid-late 30s and it kind of feels like it’s not part of God’s plan for us, that could change or it may not.
6. We 🖤 sleep…

We’ve both been through rough marriages that have made us realize that our relationship with each other is too valuable to disturb by adding kids in the mix, not that kids aren’t amazing!

We just don’t feel it’s part of our plan, BUT should God change that we are 100% okay with it.

Between our two cats and the sweet little girl I nanny, our cups runneth over as is.

Keep It Weird…

So I figure the best way to let you get to know me better would be through a proper introduction.

So this is me…

Sarah, 35 years old, married for the third time (yeah we can get into all that later), childfree by choice and by chance, and living in Austin, TX with my amazing husband, Adam and our two cats Macie and Lucy.

Your handle says you are a Minimalist, tell us more

Well, I am new to the concept of Minimalism in fact it seems to be all the rage after the documentary Minimalism on Netflix came out awhile back. My husband and I have decided to embrace the lifestyle of living with less and allowing the freed up “space”, if you will, to be invested in being present.


Yes, spending time with loved ones rather than money on materialistic things. As Christ followers, we are firm in believing that we should store our treasures in heaven, and that the physical things we have here on earth cannot go with us when we die.  If I could spend more time with my husband and loved ones, and less on unnecessary things, I’m hopeful that a deeper sense of fulfillment will come from it.

That’s cool, so what is Austin like?

Well, it’s different that’s for sure! I’m from Arizona (by way of Hyderabad, India where I was born and adopted from), and lived in AZ up until 2009.  I moved to TX with one of my best friends and her husband who was stationed at Ft. Hood, and even though they have moved back to AZ I stayed here. TX grew on me, and I’m so glad I decided to call it my home. Austin, seems like a smaller version of Nashville, known for it’s Live Music, SXSW, Matthew McConaughey and of course the UT Longhorns. This city has grown so much in the past few years though and so many Californians have taken over, it’s a little crazy!

My husband and I aren’t your typical Austinites though, we do love to check out new dining experiences, but if it involves getting on I-35, or heading towards downtown, no thanks! We avoid 6th street and any other hipster happenings going on.

I’ve found, as many individuals and couples do, that once I hit my 30s I suddenly became a homebody. I do like to go out, BUT I’d much rather stay at home with Adam and enjoy the quiet. This is another reason being childfree works for us. But we can talk about all that later too!

So that’s just a little bit about me, but follow my blog and you will learn tons more!

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It’s 2019, now what?

So I started a blog 2 years ago, made one post and that was that. I realized as with most things, I’m a quitter. Not like intentionally or anything, it’s not like I set out to purposely disappoint everyone around me, sometimes it just feels like that’s what happens.

Kids, this is what we call a “people pleaser”.

There it is, that phrase, those two words that so graphically describe one of my biggest struggles.

It’s true folks, I’m a people pleaser, and even worse…well not worse, at least not in my eyes, anymore…I’m highly sensitive…like look at me the wrong way and I will cry sensitive…it’s true ask my Mom or my husband!

Yes, it’s true I not only struggle with feelings of inadequacy but then when I feel like I’m inadequate it breaks down any glimmer of light in my eyes, and I feel worthless.

Wow Sarah, this is terrible! Why would you start your blog off with all this dark, moody stuff?

Well 1st blog post, I will tell you why!

2019 is bringing forth a lot of change for the Millers. We will be learning and growing more, but also stretching and pushing ourselves out of our comfort zones as we dive further into our passions for our businesses, our marriage and our childfree by choice, minimalist lifestyle.

With that being said, I know change in whatever season of your life you are in can really test a person, and a high range of emotions will closely follow.

So buckle up…obviously if you are in a car you should do this anyway but wherever you are sitting brace yourself, this ride is gonna get bumpy…but fun!

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